How do i prepare


  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, preferably without metal/zips. You may be asked to change into a gown for the investigation.
  • Keep yourself warm, this improves our image quality
  • Drink lots of plain, unflavoured water (before and after the study)
  • Continue using your normal medication as prescribed by your doctor (if it can be tolerated on an empty stomach) EXCEPT If you are a diabetic please contact the PET/CT department for instructions or see “special instructions for diabetic patients’” section.
  • It is always a good idea to bring a list of the medication you are taking when going to a doctor’s appointment/investigation.
  • Inform us on arrival if you know you suffer from claustrophobia.
  • Bring medication along that you may need for the investigation eg pain-relief/anti-anxiety medication. If you think you may need a sedative/anti-anxiety medication for the investigation please make sure you have someone that can drive you home after the investigation.
  • Inform the radiographer if you are pregnant (or think you may be), breastfeeding or have any allergies.


  • Do strenuous exercise 24 hours before the study
  • Eat or consume calories or anything with sugar 6 hours before the study (this includes gum, breath mints etc.)
  • Diabetic patients should not use their short-acting insulin 4 hours before the investigation – please contact the PET/CT department for specific preparation for diabetic patients.