How do I request a pet scan

How do I request a PET scan?        

Medical Aid patient

  1. The patient must be registered on the oncology programme.
  2. We will send in the request for authorization to the medical aid with all the correct nappi codes.
  3. We need two completed forms from you:

Number 1: a completed PET/CT scan request form (find on the website/ or from our office), patient details with a concise but thorough clinical history, clearly stating the reason for the requested scan. The clinical history is vital in the evaluation of the scan results and we would appreciate it if you take time to consider and mention all relevant information e.g. recent as well as previous surgery, treatments and current symptoms. This will be form number 1. Download

Number 2 : The additional form is a motivation for the medical aid.

  1. If the medical aid authorization was not granted – we will request an additional letter of motivation from you.
  2. It is important to attach all recent reports e.g. Histology, Radiology and other relevant procedures.
  3. It takes at least 5 working days to get the authorization from the medical aid.

Private Patients

  1. The PET/CT request form should be completed by the referring physician and payment can be made on the day of the scan after completion of the procedure.

Other important information:

  1. Please do not schedule any other appointments for your patient on the same day as the PET/CT scan.
  2. Do not schedule your appointment with the patient on the same day or early the following day after the PET/CT scan. The report will only be available after 12h00 the day following the PET scan.
  3. The report will be sent via email or faxed to the referring physician.
  4. Images will be sent to the PACS system of the referring radiology practice. If not possible – the patient will have a copy of the images on a disc. The disc has FUSED AXIAL and CORONAL slices as well as a viewing tool for your convenience.
  5. If DICOM data is needed for CT planning please request a disc from our department. All images are stored for future reference.

How long should I wait after treatment before requesting a PET/CT.

Certain guidelines have been set-up to reduce false-positive and false-negative findings on a PET/CT.

It is therefore advisable to wait to following time-period after therapy:

Chemotherapy : For interim PET/CT (lymphoma): 2 weeks

For end-of therapy (lymphoma) : 4-6 weeks

For other malignancies : 2-4 weeks

Radiotherapy: 3 months since last treatment.

Surgery: 1 month

Sometimes it is necessary to do scans before this time has passed. If this is the case, please discuss this with the doctor at the PET centre when making the booking.

Please follow this link to download the recently published list of indications for a PET/CT. DOWNLOAD

Although most of our patients are oncology patients, PET/CT is also very useful in other diseases: This includes investigation of fever of unknown origin, to diagnose and monitor treatment of large-vessel vasculitides (eg Takayasu’s) and even to detect viable myocardium in patients with ischaemic heart disease.